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Kaabil Trailer Review


Hrithik has a landmark performance in the film

Much have been written and said about Hrithik Roshan in the past few weeks and about his last released movie Mohenjo Daro. Many went to the extent calling to be a disaster in his career, which will have its own implications. However, all these concerns and criticism have been addressed the best with the advent of the trailer of Kaabil.  In other words, amidst all the controversies, if there is one thing, which can really turn the tables for the actor – it is a nice film.

Yami Gautam is seen in the lead actor and will witness both the actors seen playing visually impaired characters. The film is directed by Sanjay Gupta and the film happens to be a revenge drama. The film trailer showcases the glowing chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam. They tend to meet, dance and talk in a Tango style. In a much of the anticipation, there seems to be twist coming up very soon in the fairy tale.

We find the flashes that tortured Yami Gautam and it is assumed this to be in the molestation case. Hrithik is seen emoting perfectly and with great power in the scene like a helpless person. The Roy brothers (Ronit & Rohit) are seen with the negative character and their intense look can really shake you up. In the second half of the trailer one can be subjected to some edge over the seat entertainment.

Overall, the movie has a signature Sanjay Gupta is seen feeling to it. His last directorial film Jazbaa has simply failed to give the big impact but at the same time give the actor a powerful act and thus when the film will get a number of takers. The trailer of the film gives us a glimpse of mystery, courage and revenge; we are very much excited and intrigued to see how the film has the things in its store for us.

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