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Cine Talkers Celebrates 68th Happy Independence Day

Cine Talkers Celebrates its 68th Happy Independence Day

When India Celebrates its 68th Independence day, we as a nation has escalated to new heights. Right from emerging as one of the development countries in Technology and other sector, fortunately the Indian Entertainment Industry has also turned 100 year old. Commonly called as Bollywood, it has celebrated 100 years just last year before the nation entered into the 68th Independence Day. At one end when we have developed and enhanced ourselves the best in terms of technology and other things, we also see menaces like corruption and injustice prevailing in our society.

Of all the schools Bollywood too has been preaching the lessons of morality in its own way. You can see time and again movies embarking on seeing India as corruption free nation apart from establishing justice and peace in the country. Unlike the way we see today Singham Returns hitting the theatres dealing with the issue of corruption and establishing a justice loving country. The cop in the movie has a fierce combat with corrupt political system to establish truth and justice in the society and see India as a corruption free nation. So we at CineTalkers wish our readers a very happy and prosperous Independence Day and wish you take lessons from movies like this to establish a peaceful and corruption Free State. Jai Hind!

Manoj L


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