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Judwa 2 Movie Review : The film has minimal spice for your weekend

Judwa-2 poster

Director– David Dhawan

Studio – Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

Star CastVarun Dhawan, Jacqueline Fernandez & Taapsee Pannu

Music – Sajid-Wajid and Meet Bros

Cinematography – Ayananka Bose

Rating – 2.5


As we know, the film is a sequel to Salman Khan & Karishma Kapoor starrer movie Judwaa with a similar concept, but it comes with its new twists and turns. The makers define the film as a Reboot of the prequel. Not just the story or the concept of the movie has been replicated; one can even find too much or resemblance of more than 7 to 8 sequences as well. In other words, one cannot find much difference between the two films. The character of Salman Khan is carried out by Varun Dhawan, with two his ladies as Jacqueline Fernandez & Taapsee Pannu seen with two different Varun Dhawan as Raja and Prem. Rest you can catch at it at the nearest theatres.


J 2 can be defined as an update of the Prequel, Judwaa, which carried cheesy pranks delivered with lots of conviction by Salman Khan, the superstar. This made the film turn a big hit, however, to take mileage of the same trying the same old story and ideas along with even the sequences seemed to be a terrible idea. Both Raja and Prem carried out by Varun in J2 fail to have the sense of power and aura, which Salman portrayed in his film. The film is pitted with too much of overacting and shabby dialogues, which seems to be the efforts of any amateur writer. Even the ladies in the movie seemed with the toned body are seen hampering the overall entertainment value of the movie. Though Fernandez does a bit better and gregariously, Pannu appeared to be a perfect misfit with her shabby looks.


Above all Varun’s bronzed torso evident to be the other character in this daunting comedy film. And everything in the movie shatters, we see a shirtless action sequence and the shirtless song sequence as well that proves out to be a salvage for this worn-out movie. Majority of the jokes are too futile even to pay a heed, and most of the gags only fall flat forget about evoking any emotion. The other elements like music, screenplay, direction, photography and other elements seemed okay but failed to add any value to the film. The only nostalgic thing in the movie is the Anum Malik song Tan Tana Tan and Oochi Hai Building.

Judwa 2 – The Last

The makers claim that the film Judwa 2 is a reboot of the prequel seems to be a hollow claim. The film is nothing but a failed attempt at copying a movie. The copycats have failed miserably, thanks to the overdoing of the acting and other things. So, if you are catching up this film, you are doing it at your own risk.

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