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John Abraham reveals why he was furious at a reporter a few days back!

John Abraham is going all out to promote his new film Attack. Recently, during one of the promotions, John became irritated with a journalist after being asked about his movie’ “unrealistic action sequences.” The performer became agitated and insulted the journalist. Now, John has spoken up about the incident and explained why he was irritated by the inquiry.

For the uninformed, during a recent promotional event, a journalist said, “It’s too much when you’re seen fighting 200 people all by yourself, throwing away bikes, and stopping choppers with your hands.”

Responding to this, John Abraham sarcastically apologized to the reporter for ‘offending’ him. He then stated, “Bichara, I think he is very frustrated.” John wasn’t having any of it as in response to another question later, he said, “I am trying to be mentally fit to answer some crazy questions as people are so dumb. Sorry sir, aap dimaag chod kar aa gaye. I apologize for you.”

Addressing the incident, John Abraham told, “The press, some of you, I don’t generalize, at times, ask very stupid questions, there’s no basis for it also. And I understand we all are humans, at times I really get riled up when I get asked a stupid question.”


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 Adding to that, John Abraham said, “Talking about the promotions of the film, the press has generally been very supportive. So, when we talk about the press, it is important to make them aware of the film. Because it is through you guys that people come to know when a film is releasing. Of course, there are advertisements and marketing also, but the real promotion of the film is the film itself. If your film is good, it will work. If your film is not good, it won’t work.”

On April 1, the film Attack, starring Rahul Preet Singh and Jacqueline Fernandez, was released.

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