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Joe B Carvalho Review

In Mr Joe B. Carvalho Arshad Warsi plays the role of a detective named Mr Joe B. Carvalho who aspires to become a superb detective like his father who was a highly acclaimed sharp eyed investigator of his time. Detective Joe has finds no success in his investigations until there comes an opportunity his way and he takes up the task of finding a rich man’s daughter who ahs eloped with an elderly cook. Joe takes this as the biggest challenge and determines to accomplish difficult the task. But the investigation does not sail smooth for a lady inspector Shantipriya, played by Soha Ali Khan,  is mislead by peculiar circumstances to misunderstand Joe to be a criminal she looks for. And there follows supposedly humorous chaos that ravels the story thread by thread eventually leading to a bigger chaos. The script of Mr Joe B. Carvalho is a no less than a chaos for the writer seems completely confounded as to where he should add humor and where story.

The detective has a visually impaired mother who keeps stumbling at places. That is supposed to bring humor, well we don’t agree with that. For the oomph material, there is Soha Ali Khan doing a terrible job. She seems to be adamant on showing skin and that shatters her role of a police inspector and makes her look more useless than comic. She tried to pull the act of a lady Dabangg but quite unsuccessfully. The character of Carlos has been added some shades of supernatural mystery and is so horrifying that the name itself is dreaded in the film. The story line is awfully constructed and the audience cries instead of laugh at certain supposedly humorous situations. The exposition and the climax have been mishandled gravely and the whole film looks like the work of an amateur. The attempt to put comedy in the film has been awfully pathetic.`

Joe B Carvalho Review Performance wise :

The performances are grossly overshadowed by the bad script. Arshad is an established actor and he has proved himself one of the best in comedy time and again. But scripts like this are disappointing to his fans. Though he is not bad, but the story makes him appear to be wasting his talent in the wrong film. Soha Ali Khan seems determined to catch every little opportunity to prove herself alluring. But is that what people want to see in an actress? Where the hell is acting?? I wish she knew that a film requires her to act not simply sports a bikini and show her assets. Javed Jaffery is another star name in the film that does no good to it. He is an exceptional comedian we know that but such a movie will do good for his career neither is the film benefited by him.  The other actors are pathetically put in the script and not worth mentioning.

Joe B Carvalho Review Last word

The loose script of .. has been already criticized. The first time writer… is totally out of place and puts up a bad work. We hope he learns lessons and improve technically. Direction, editing all goes in vain and the film heads for a disaster.

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