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Jia Aur Jia Movie Review : Unique story, incredible performances can make your day

Unique story, incredible performances can make your day

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Movie Jia Aur Jia
Director -Howard Rosemeyer
Star Cast -Richa Chaddha, Kalki Koechlin, Arslan Goni
Genre – Drama
Studio – Bluefox Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd.
Rating – 3.0


The lead protagonists in the film played by Richa Chadha and Kalki Koechlin both playing the character of Jia in it are seen signing up for a holiday in Sweden when their lives turns out to be a life-changing experience. The film is all about the women centric stories in it when two women of same name come in touch with each and start their own journey. Hence people complaining about having less women centric movies can have this one as their pleasant surprise.


Two women with same name come in touch with each other in an alien land thousands of miles away from their native place to have fun and later experiences the biggest change in their lives seems an interesting concept. The director is smart enough to choose a plot which is not just unique but also interesting. It has some amount of freshness and aroma that is hard to catch in B Town films. So, if you are looking for a change, this film has the right stuff for you. The film moves light and sporty and gives you the right break from the noisy and unrealistic kind of films.

Talking about the performances both the ladies are exception, energetic and incredible while playing their respective characters of Jia in the film. They have gone out of the way to portray something, which the audience would simply love to catch. The others in the film were just to have some presence of other characters and have not much to do with the film or its story. The screenplay was effective, the photography was mind blogging to give you some incredible views of Europe and many more things, which you do not find in other films.

And don’t forget the music, it is soothing and its melodious and yes the Mohd Rafi’s iconic song Jia O Jia O has been recreated with the same magic, which is a completely inspiring one to catch. The other songs too are soothing making the music of the film a big hit in it. Lastly the other elements like script, screenplay, editing and other technical elements went smooth giving the audience a decent movie at the end of the day.

Jia Aur Jia The Last Word

So, if you have been missing the women centric movie in B Town, here you have the one that is not just interesting but incredible to catch. With utterly incredible performances backed by a tangible script the film becomes a treat to catch that makes the ratings high.


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