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Jazbaa Will Roll Across Borders in Various Languages Starring Aishwarya Rai

Jazbaa movie

Don’t you feel if the movie which you like the most will be more entertaining if that will be released with the fragrance of your native language? How about if the movie is belonging to your favorite stars then? Sounds something really interesting isn’t? So guess what guys, we have something for you that will make you feel like anything. Presenting before you’ll the gorgeous celeb who was riding around the globe with her stunning performance and of course with her magnifying beauty, the one n only star Aishwarya Rai Bachchan coming up to give a never ending comeback along with the most popular star Irrfan Khan in there looming venture Jazbaa. A movie that will be purely under the directions of Sanjay Gupta which will be in the air on 9th October 2015, but do you think are we over for this? No of course not there’s still something which is more sizzling than what we have depicted just now. Check this out..

Though the promos and tracks of the movie have already picked up rapid fire but on the other hand the director himself has something really surprising for the Bollywood fans and audience. Have a look on what he added. As per the sources he said – “I don’t want to make any claims that we’re making the film to cross the borders. But there is an intention in place. There are cuts of the film being readied, dubbed and released widely all across the UAE.

It’s been dubbed in Arabic. We’re also dubbing it in other South American languages (Spanish and Portuguese) and English. So there are international cuts with a slighter shorter length that will be going out apart from the diaspora release,” – As per the sources. Isn’t sounds something really interesting? Yes, it does so guys n gals be ready for the action with the grooving stars in October 2015.

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