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Jazbaa Trailer Review

Jazbaa trailer review

Overacting of Aish Has Ruined the Movie

The most awaited trailer of the film Jazbaa has finally hit the social media. However, the kind of buzz it was expected to create in the media, doesn’t seem to be present in the media. In fact, certain section of the media was expecting to see some kind of trend in the media seeing Aishwarya Rai Bachchan after five long years. However, her comeback seemed too unreal in several levels. She seemed good though as always, however, her avatar of a lawyer in the film and those eyes seemed very much brimming with loads of hysteria, which gives an impression that the film is a melodrama, which Sanjay Gupta the director of the film is trying to pose through her eyes out.

Talking about the film Jazbaa, it is a remake of a Korean movie called Seven Days wherein Rai plays the role of a lawyer who is forced to take up a case to make a hardcore criminal played by Chandan Roy Sanyal walk free from the jail. All the time, she seemed with her haunted and hamming eyes in the trailer, making the audience scare from her apart from giving a weak performance in the film. Both the director and Rai could have taken extra efforts to only focus on her eyes rather than her performance over the silver screen, giving the impression that things are simply overdone.

However, on the contrary, Irrfan Khan who is simply infallible once again proved his skills over the silver screen very much overshadowing Aish in her rough and tough avatar. He simply stole the show cornering Aish very much badly. The movie seems to be slick to give a quick thriller, which can attract people to watch it when it finally hits to the theatre. Sanjay Gupta who is among the biggest plagiarists in the industry of filmmaking is seen licensing the movie rather than ripping them off.

The kind of legitimacy clubbed with his well earned chops being an action director can help him to give a right and fun film. However, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan seemed pretty horrible as for the most of the time she is unable to portray herself the best as she is supposed to do for her comeback movie. In fact, with her looks, she simply looks like a lady who is kidnapped from the sets of any horror movie. So, Take it easy Aish, why not have some lemon tea or light juice to get rid of this avatar, which is not expected from an actress who is doing a comeback in B Town. The film is expected to hit the theatres on 9th October, but sadly has failed to get the kind of response it expected. Apart from Aish and Irrfan, the film has also Shabana Azmi and Atul Kulkarni.

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