Jayefunk talks about achieving success as the latest musical sensation on the block

Musician Jayefunk has been winning praises from everyone. “Music is something which stays with people forever. There are so many categories of music depending on the moods of the people. I was always curious to learn different kinds of music since my school days. I have a great connect with music because I feel that my songs have a great appeal to the people and that’s what connects me to my audience.” This is what Foo Jian Chuan aka Jayefunk feels about music. At the age of 15, he started earning money by DJing at several private parties and when he turned 16, he produced his first album.

The Starbucks Tour, Singapore Night Festival and the Singapore Writers Festival are some of the well-known international events where he has performed on stage. His songs have featured on many international playlists like Apple Music, Spotify Viral 50 Charts, MTV and many more. Previously known as ‘THE AZN SEN$SATON’, his debut single ‘Suprememan’ was on number 16 on Spotify Singapore Viral 50 charts and also featured on Beats1 Radio and Apple’s The New Asia International playlist. Jayefunk was bestowed with the National Business Award (Music) in 2016 by the Singapore Review Magazine and was featured on covers of The Straits Times and The Huffington Post. The sensation has represented Joshua Kane as the ambassador and was appointed as the SG50 ambassador for Fujifilm.

The popular music star has big clients like Bang Bang, Lulu’s Lounge, Employees Only and many other night clubs. His single ‘Emoji’ was on top at the Spotify Singapore Viral 50 Charts and was also the hero banner of Apple Music. Apart from this, Jayefunk was in the news for his recent single ‘Bonsai’ which has got more than 800,000 streams on Spotify and has been topping the charts in Beats & Rhymes for several months now. With giving many chartbuster singles and songs, we can’t wait for Jayefunk’s upcoming tracks.

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