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“RealShit” is the most-popular, loved and hilarious channel currently on YouTube. The videos which we see are posted with the great efforts of the multi-talented trio Piyush Gurjar, Deepak Chauhan, and Shubham Gandhi. These guys are the main actors/casts for RealShit Vines.
RealShit, isn’t the name is bit funny? Let’s read the story behind…

It all was started in year 2015 by three school friends Deepak, Piyush and Shubham.
Deepak Chauhan is an Engineer by profession from Amity University. Piyush and Shubham did their Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce from DCAC (DU) and Kirorimal College (DU) respectively.

Despite of getting admission in prestigious colleges, the trio took the road less traveled. Yes, they went on the road to pursue their dreams which tell us how the hard-work and determination brings out the best result.

The Video Content making culture on YouTube is growing in India. You see so many content creators come up with different views and themes. Thus, Originality is one most feature to get success in this field. The trio is inspired by English content creators and they also wanted to bring the vine culture in India in their own unique way, Thus, RealShit came into existence.

Why RealShit? Yes, the answer is hidden in the name itself. The Video’s on the channel showcases the reality which everyone can relate to and that reality is truly a shit, believes the trio. RealShit sole purpose is to make people laugh, spread happiness and entertain as many people.
The channel is gaining popularity with each passing day. Currently it is blessed with 2.5 Million subscribers!
Initially, the parents were not supportive but were appreciating the different work done by their children. It is actually a proud moment for the parents to see them working hard as well as when they receive the video clip on Whatsapp from other people. Some neighbor’s also come up and say, “We saw your son’s video and it was really nice.” which eventually make feel proud.
Apart from making videos, the trio has also made three songs which were appreciated by the audiences. They have also done a few Bollywood integrations and are looking forward to many more.

Piyush, Deepak and Shubham’s best ever experience as a YouTuber was performing in the YouTube Fanfest held in Delhi.
The three friends are not going to stop here, but are high in their aims. They want to make Web Series, Short Films and many more songs.
What a great Career to go with! The trio’s self-confidence, dedication and passion towards their dream have made them successful in the field of Content Creators.
RealShit is not just a YouTube channel; it is a real showcase of talent & art which is worth watching.
Hats off Guys!

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