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Jalebi Trailer Review : The movie successfully leaves a sweet trail

Jalebi Poster - जलेबी पोस्टर

After creating a much buzz in the media with its recent poster, the makers of the film Jalebi released the trailer of the movie. The film has debutant s in the lead roles in the form of Rhea Chakraborty and Varun Mitra. The makers released the trailer on the Big Day of festive time in Maharashtra and like the title of the film, the trailer too seemed too straight and has a story having heard many times and once again it comes in a different note. In fact, it was the poster of the film, which helped to create the right kind of buzz in the media. That has made the film to be earned good views, which eventually have created a good amount of buzz in the media.

Now, looking at the story of the film, which the trailer indicates, the lady in the lead role happens to be a bubbly girl, who falls in love with a Delhi based guy who happens to be tour guide. Soon they get married hurriedly and have their honeymoon in Swiss Alps and soon when she returns to start living in a huge house with antique stuff in her in-laws home, she realizes that she cannot be furniture at home with a bad Wi-Fi connection hence she soon separates.

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Life then goes on and soon while she was travelling in a train, she finds her ex-husband in the same train with his second wife and a kid. As you check the trailer of the film, it seems to have shoddily edited having two dialogues that are seen getting merged well. The acting seems to be cringe worthy, while the story of the film comes in a melodramatic way, which is saved with the cool of Arjit Singh. As you check the trailer, you would see the cake dyeing with a horrible death. The film has a debutant director as well called Pushdeep Bharadwaj who also happens to be a debutant, while it is produced by Mukesh Bhatt. The film is releasing on 12th October. Stay tuned to know more about it and other films.

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