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Jai Ho Democracy Trailer Review: Embarks with a Strong Message with a Humor

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Jai Ho Democracy has slew of veteran actors, which include Annu Kapoor, Om Puri, Adil Hussain, Seema Biswas and Satish Kaushik. All of these were helped by the talented writer of an old classic cult of 1983 called Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro with actors like Sudhir Mishra, Satish Kaushik and Kundshan Shah. Unlike this cult classic, Jai Ho Democracy too is seen taking a dig at the current social and political morass in which India is currently passing through. The satire comedy is hitting the theatres this Friday – 24th April 2015 and can be a must watch having the presence of all the veteran actors in JHD.

The trailer of the film was seen recently hitting the social media, which simply gives a sneak peek in its storyline, which is all about murky world of our country’s political class wherein the ministers in the government along with the other political leaders are simply a big waste who are just interested to remain callous including even on the matters of border security, which is one of the prime concerns of any country. JHD is also a satire, which unveils the filthy media industry who is only interested in the TRP ratings by adding sensation to any trivial situation without any worry or qualm.

Ranjit Kapoor is behind this film, yes the same man who directed the movie Chintuji in the year 2009. As per this talented director, it’s a perfect time to release a political satire, which unveils the dirty nexus of politicians and media who keep the interest of the country at the backburner while pursuing their personal aspirations while being in power. Considering the growing interest of our youngsters about what’s really dirty going inside the room or under the table of any politician, the politics satire is a perfect subject to make films, and JHD is a classic example to this.

The filmmaker is skillfully able to portray the dirty scenes behind the political world in India with a humor and thanks to the incredible performance of the lead stars, the movie will come with a strong message. After all these performances are seen by some of the most seasoned and skilled actors of B Town.  Om Puri who is playing the character of Pandeyji is a right wing heavyweight politician who has left no stone unturned to reach at the top in order to emerge out as one of the key politician in Independent India. He knows everything and at the same time is among the non stereotypical person as well. You can find his motivations and actions to be very much identifiable and coming with a humor. On the other hand Annu Kapoor is playing the character of a PRO known as Ramalingam, who happens to be a former Chief Justice of India, who has been always closer to people in power and never hesitates to accept any favor that comes his way.

Then you have Adil Hussain playing the character of Major Baruah, who is a victim of war and thus a disabled man. His journey from army to politics is interesting, which makes him a key opposition leader in Indian Politics. This character would somewhere remind you a couple of figures from the history of Indian politics apart from giving certain fictitious characteristics, which makes the similarities between the two very much co-incidental. Then the character of Seema Biswas playing a social activist called Ashima Roy would once again remind you certain characters in our country, the ones who has made their careers through social activities.

In the list of other major characters, Satish Kaushik is playing the character of a defense minister called Harphool Chaudhary, which is the result of an alliance government often seen taking a couple of trips inside the Tihar Jail for corruption charges. Then you have Aamir Bashir the son of a former minister from J&K. He is one of the emerging leaders of Indian Politics. Lastly, Rajni Gujral is playing the character of Mrs Bedi, who is a known journalist and using her powers she has made her way to the top position of Editor in Chief of a popular regional newspaper.

Jai Ho Democracy Trailer Last Word

Jai Ho Democracy is a powerful political satire, which unearth the filth and rust of Indian politicians and people connected with it to pursue their vested interest. Considering the popularity of this subject, making a movie on Indian Politics is no more a taboo. The filmmaker has successful in making a movie, which comes out with a strong message adding humor in it. Looking at the trailer, it gives the glimpse of rot we witness in our politicians. Perhaps, movies like this can become the agent of change, which can propel the masses to uproot politicians sitting on the beds of corruption and bring back honest and selfless politicians to power. Considering the strong message and incredible performances, a rating of 4 to the trailer is justified.

Rating – 4

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