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E-cigar simply a gateway to addiction and not a healthy option: Study

Flaunting your e cigarettes instead of regular ones though has been in the market as a safer choice but the recent studies has imply found the opposite. Yes as per the research addicting to e-cigarettes can lead to the real time addiction of the same, which can have similar implications unlike seen in the case of cigarette smoking, claims the researchers based at the University of Illinois, Chicago in the USA.

As per this new study, the e-cigarettes though are often promoted as an aid to quit smoking as well as the safer choice, it is also seen delivering the nicotine, which pose specific risks for developing organs and brains among the kids and teens. If you look at the composition of these e-cigarettes, you would realize how lethal it can be despite having an appeal for youths.

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In fact, youngsters trying out electronic cigarettes can get you to potential gateway to addiction as these are the first products, which the youngsters are seen trying the first. These are tobacco based products, which teens try and finally they land up smoking the real cigarettes.   The study also enlisted a number of risks about the electronic cigarettes and simply showcases the vulnerability of kids and teens for the intense marketing surrounding. The study was published in one of the prestigious journal of Pediatric Allergy, Pulmonogy and Immunology.

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