Kargil Vijay Diwas

It’s the Kargil Veer Diwas Today : Quick 5 Interesting Facts to Check about the war

Today, exactly 19 years before, the war in Kargil was fought between the India and Pakistan. The Indian army fought all tooth and nails in extreme conditions to flush out the enemy forces, which had infiltrated the Indian territories. This day is celebrated as Kargil Veer Diwas (Kargil warrior’s day) that marks the military and diplomatic victory of the nation and the slain martyrs that made the victory possible. Well as we celebrate this big day, so, as we wish our Indian Army how about checking the 5 interesting facts related to this war as under:

  1. 7 Lakhs soldiers from Indian Army were deployed in Kargil to combat the enemy forces at the Line of Control, while the operation seemed to have gone up to three long and grueling months.Indian Army were deployed in Kargil
  2. The number of Indian army men who gave their lives got martyred to around 524 while 13,363 were seen gravely injured. The losses on the other side seemed enormous having 696 Pak soldiers along with 40 civilians that ended up losing their lives.Indian Army Kargil Vijay Diwas
  3. The local shepherds were seen falling into suspicious of definite activities in Kargil Hill area and later informed in the Indian Army about it. This triggered on 3rd May 1999, and soon Operation Vijay was launched to defy the intruders.
  4. The martyr Capt Saurabh Kalia along with five other soldiers had to face the rude mutilation by the Pak army as the war commenced. However, the Indian Army did the opposite and treated the slain Pakistani soldiers with reverence thus returning their bodies with honour in a coffin.Captain Saurabh Kalia
  5. As the infiltrators from the Pak Army were seen using Tiger Hill in order to bomb NH1D, it was imperative to get a complete control over the Drass Kargil road. Thus 22 highly trained Army men were seen scaling the lethal slops, which were 18 degrees steep while it made their ways via a clip vertically that too a height of around 16,500 feet for reaching out the Tiger Hill. It was a commendable move led by Indian Army.

Wrapping Up

There is much more interesting to know about the Kargil War, this is just the tip of the iceberg, keep on exploring to know more about it.  Do comment wishing our Indian Army as they celebrate this Day.kargil vijayada sankethika namana

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