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Ishqiyapa 2 : Get ready to catch the tale of love and romance backed by con-art

Ishqiyapa 2 : Wiki, Cast, Story, trailer, Promo, Scenes, Release Date

Ishqiyapa 2 Web Series:

Short Overview :Ullu is making news once again for its upcoming romantic series sequel called Ishqiyapa 2. Directed by Sumit Sagar, it has the best star cast comprising actors like Ruks Khandagle , Amit Pachori, Shivangi Roy and Mukund Kapahi. The sequel is ready to hit the screen on 25h November. 

  • Name: – Ishqiyapa 2
  • Release Date:- 25th November 2022
  • OTT Platform: Ullu App
  • Star Cast:  Ruks Khandagle , Amit Pachori, Shivangi Roy and Mukund Kapahi
  • Director: Sumit Sagar

 Amid all the buzz around the sequel – Ishqiyapa 2, we see the makers releasing the series on Ullu App. The show has garnered a good buzz around for the it’s good promotion and a good trailer. Thanks to the rich star cast with actors like Ruks Khandagle , Amit Pachori, Shivangi Roy and Mukund Kapahi, the show has already created a good pre-release buzz in the world. These stars play characters like Mohni, Arjun, Hayaat and Kran respectively. 

Ishqiyapa 2 ullu web series

Ullu app is not short of good series, however, Ishqiyapa 2 has remained the most awaited ones by the audience for the reason it has created a good buzz around the media. People have seen the first part and now they are waiting for the second. The web series  seems amazing if you look at the trailer. The talented directors like Sumit Sagar have left no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling. As you look at the trailer, you can make out the storyline of the romantic and lighthearted show. 

As you check the trailer, you can find the story that revolves around the dysfunctional family wherein two sisters fell in love with two brothers. However, there is a twist in the story: the elder sister is in love with the younger brother while the younger sister is trying to woo the elder brother. However, teh trailer also reveals that the sisters are con artists and they are ready to rob their home. So, what comes next is a complete mystery. 

Wrapping up

You can expect a lot from the show as there are loads of stuff to catch in it. Both the leading stars will make the couple jealous as they do the same in the show with their love live, while the boys are ready to take the advantage from the ladies to get the duo sisters in life. So, who wins, who loses is interesting to catch. So, dont miss the show as it hits Ullu soon, while do post your reviews or comments on it. 

Ishqiyapa 2 Trailer :

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