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Ishq Forever Movie Review


In a busy Friday, one of the movies released include the romantic drama Ishq Forever. The film is directed by Sameer Sippy, which features the newbie Krishna Chaturvedi is seen in the lead roles, while the female lead character is Ruhi Singh. The film is then slated to hit the theatres on 19th February 2016. The trailer of the film was released with Dilwale film, while the music is composed by the known musician called Nadeem Saifi. The film is produced and written by Shabbir Boxwala under the banner of Zee Music Company, while the actors in the supporting roles include Lisa Ray, Javed Jaffrey, Chetan Pandit and Arif Zakaria. The film features the comeback of music composed to B Town after almost one and half decade. Now, dig in deep into the film to get the gist of the same as under:


The film revolves around the life of a young boy and girl who meet on the way and face certain unexpected kind of situations that trigger romance among the two. The girl belongs to a high profile family wherein her father is a Prime Minister of the state and is therefore surrounded by security for obvious reasons. Amidst all this, she finds this guy to get the freedom and enjoy her life unlike before. This simply follows the chase of the girl by the security as laid by her father and love blossoms that remains one sided from the girl, however, the boy is reluctant and doesn’t confesses the love for her. So, what happens next is interesting element to enjoy.


As said, ‘love makes the world go round’, and this saying seems to go true for the director for this movie. The film portrays itself a simple love story but appears to be a complex bizarre conditions thanks to the two different love stories collide each other, at one end you have a young couple on the other side, there is a divorced couple working on the other wise as a RAW agents to protect the girl and soon you find the roller coaster things replete with comedy and action. Now talking about the star performances, there is hardly any worthy act to be discussed especially when you talk about the lead roles.

The lead characters played by the newbie Krishna Chaturvedi and not much known actress Ruhi Singh seemed to be average at the silver screen. Perhaps these are learning days for the lead actors of the film, however, Lisa Ray and Javed Jaffery were good to a great extent especially the latter. Seeing Javed in a serious role though may found indigestible to many yet looking at his performance that went competitive, you have enough reasons to give him all due respect to this actor.

Direction, music, screenplay and technical stuff

Talking about the direction, it has a number of hits and misses perhaps more of misses than hits. The director failed to add the right spice in the entertainment value of the film, thanks to the average performances, which came in its way. Now, talking about Music, again it was average, which for any romantic drama should be the main punch of the film. Secondly, the film’s screenplay is also not that appealing and similar is the story with the technical stuff like editing. However, the locations chosen by the director for the film along with photography seem to add glory to the film.

Ishq Forever – The Last Word

The film has two love stories colliding each other at a common point. The love story of the young couple is the reflection of the love of RAW agents who were separated but had to come together in rescue of this girl coming from a high profile family of the state. You may find love, romance, emotions, humor, action, yet the fire seen in romantic movies are missing giving a less rating for the film. Too much of skin show in the form of seductress roles cannot be a replacement of genuine acting.

Rating 1.5

Manoj L


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