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I have been lucky enough to be part of many good shows, tells Prashant Chawla

Prashant Chawla

The hot looking young actor, Prashant Chawla has become a household name with his role in Star Plus’ Gulmohar Grand. His character starer in shows like Madhubala on colors, Veera on Starplus and lifeok’ Ajeeb dastaan hai yeh, ended up winning the hearts of the viewers, especially the female viewers. Actors takes about himself with us.

Talking about acting actor tells, “I believe I always wanted to be an actor anyhow I belong from a business family and no one has got any idea about the industry, I used to do modeling in Delhi. Apart from looking after my family business and it was then that I decided to move to Mumbai, finally in 2013 end I came here to fight and live for my dreams.”

Talking about his memorable moments yet, prashant shares, “I have been lucky enough to be part of many good shows and to work with many great actors in the industry, not only television but Bollywood as well, the one memory I cannot forget is from an ad I had shot with kareena kapoor back in 2014 for a smartphone, I was relatively new and was obviously awestruck by the stardom but also the person and the way she performed so effortlessly in front of the camera is something I learned a lot from, the mantra is to be confident and believe in yourself and that’s what I practice even today.” Later about bad times he adds, “struggle is a word that has different meaning for different people but yes to achieve something in life that you really want struggle is mandatory which I believe is correct as well, yes I remember times I used to roam around for auditions the whole day with a bag, otherwise I have been really fortunate and lucky enough that my parents have always supported me, hard times teach you a lot.”

Talking about his intrest and works, he adds, “As I said there are a lot of things in the pipeline, some good projects as well, I love sports other than acting. Be it of any kind, was my university cricket captain back in my college as well, I love to read a lot too.”

When we asked about any bollywood actress you love to go for a dream date. What it will be and who will be she?

Answering he shares, “My idea of dream date would be a barefoot walk along a silent beach, where we can talk our hearts out well from our Bollywood industry I find shradhaa kapoor really cute and yes she would be my dream date.”

You are in fitness! Share some tips to be fit and gain body like you?

He shares, “many people take fitness to be a one time destination,well fitness is not that, its a way of life, should stay with you forever. To be fit I believe we gotta eat clean workout dirty,80 percent is diet and its very important to note what you eat.”

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