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Indian Supermodel Sasha Merchant Takes Up Belly Dancing

Sasha Merchant

Sasha Merchant loves learning new forms of dance, previously she’s trained in kathak and jazz-funk and has now taken up belly dancing as well. Sasha is a huge fitness enthusiast and focuses on yoga for flexibility and basic weight training for strength building. To break out of the monotony she’s taken up belly dancing to keep her fitness routine interesting. We saw a video and we can vouch she is steady and learning it pretty well and picking up the form perfectly. Belly dancing is an excellent form of fitness and it’s a beautiful art too. We have seen a huge spike in celebrities taking belly dancing off late.

We got in touch with her and here is what the gorgeous girl has to say, “Dancing is an incredible workout it helps with strength building and flexibility and adds a lot of grace to your body. I initially trained in kathak and jazz funk but belly dancing has been a form I’ve wanted to train in for a while now. It’s such a beautiful and graceful form of dance, it builds core strength and balancing and coordination. The isolation of movements in it are stunning, once you get the hang of it after a good amount of practise. Dancing is the most enjoyable form of exercise and benefits both your mind and body so much, it makes you feel confident and peaceful, it’s almost a more exciting form of meditation.”

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We know this beautiful girl is always looking to learn new things and we are just discovering her range. We look forward to watching more of her moves in the future.

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