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Indian spiritual leader, social worker, and priest Nitin Pujari creates massive headlines for his work at Salasar Balaji Temple, Rajasthan.

Nitin Pujari serves as the 9th generation priest at the famous temple, where devotees across the world look forward to Daily Darshan.

The kind of success and the level of momentum a few people have gained over the years in their careers cannot just be attributed to the many technological advancements the world has been noticing. One cannot go without crediting the relentless drive, consistent efforts, and hard work of a few individuals who put in day in and day out to work towards a bigger purpose, which is to bring value into people’s lives.

Nitin Pujari, a well-known Indian spiritual leader, social worker, and priest, has been doing exactly that and much more with his work at the Salasar Balaji Temple, Rajasthan, India.

Nitin Pujari has been fulfilling all his duties and responsibilities not just as a priest at the Lord Hanuman Temple but also as a social worker and is known for his religious works. Nitin Pujari is the 9th generation priest at the temple and has passionately served the Lord and all his devotees for years.

Shri Salasar Balaji Temple is seen as one of the main Hindu temples of Rajasthan, where Nitin Pujari is always found constantly engaged in the service of Hanuman Ji. Son of Mittu Ji Pujari and descendant of Kaniram Ji, Nitin Pujari has surrendered himself to serving the people and the temple in Rajasthan.

He has gained enormous followers and admirers on social media as he lets people get the Darshan and Aarti through his social media page and channel and lets lakhs of devotees, even from outside the country, attend Daily Darshan and live Aarti.

The temple premises have Mohandas Ji’s Samadhi, who had handed over the responsibility of the temple to sister Kanhibai’s son and his disciple Udayaram. There is also a bullock cart from which the idol of Hanuman Ji was brought from Asota.

The temple is situated in the tehsil of Shekhawati in Sujangarh and, over the years, has been a center of faith for all the devotees of Hanuman Ji. Also, coconuts are tied for the fulfilment of the wishes at the temple.

Nitin Pujari’s ( devotion and dedication have been inspiring many across India.

Do find out more about him through Instagram @nitin_pujari_salasar.



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