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Indian-origin student based in Britain develops new Alzheimer’s test

Believe it or not but a 15-year-old Indian-origin student in Britain has developed a new test for the menace called Alzheimer’s. This can help in diagnosing this disease 10 years before anyone is hit by this menace as the first symptoms when it first appears and thus can be stopped with right medicine. The boy called Krtin Nithiyanandam based in Epsom, Surrey, has been reported to develop this test called ‘trojan horse’ antibody, which can be easily penetrated inside the brain and then attached to the neurotoxic proteins, which in turn help in suggesting the same.

The student has submitted the said test to the Google Science Fair Prize. The result for the same is expected to come out next month and he is likely to win the test and prestigious scholarship for this feat. One of the key benefits of this invention is that the healthcare experts would get enough time to avert this menace found in any one through the pathophysiological changes in it. All the Neurodegenerative diseases including the dementia are simply hard to detect and diagnose forget about treating the same. However, with Krtin’s antibodies if passed through the barrier can help the health expert a lot.

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