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Indian Censor Board bans these words in movies

centre boad list of abusing words

AIB: Knock Out has raised the issue of using abusing language publicly and even films. This has compelled even the Censor Board to embark with straight forward diktat asking filmmaker to prevent a number of abusing words. Not too long the board has objected calling the city Mumbai as Bombay in one of the songs of a rock singer, and now this list that prevents actors to use cuss and abusive words onscreen since they feel that these can have an adverse impact over kids.

The filmmakers now have a list from Pahlaj Nahlani the new chief of Censor Board, which has list of words in both English and Hindi languages. The English list has words like son of a bitch, bastard, f—K, bitch, etc, while the Hindi words include Saali, Haramzada, Kamina, etc. The board has even asked to refrain using from the words, which refer to sex including phatna, bajana, dena, maarna, etc. They have even banned using the word Bombay, using double meaning words, showing violence against women or even showcasing bloodshed.

There are few filmmakers including Anurag Kashyap, T Dhulia, etc, who would have to mind their languages over the on screen just to make authentic movies. Also, the action packed director Rohit Shetty and even Prabhu Dheva are not supposed to change their script as they would be facing too much heat from the censor board with the newly released diktat. In other words, Mind Your Language!

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