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Hotel Beautifool’s Sameer and Imam Slams AIB Roast

sizzlingel Beautifool’s Sameer

The number of people opposing AIB Roast controversy seems to be increasing day by day.

After the three Khans of Bollywood slammed the show.

It’s now former Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddique and Director Sameer Iqbal Patel, have similar views about the controversial event.

 Imam has serious issues with mainstream Bollywood industry and he’s happy to make his debut with an alternative clean humored film, ‘sizzlingel Beautifool’. He doesn’t care about the industry and said he ‘wiped’ his **s with the Khans, Kapoors, Khannas, Kumars of the industry.

 Imam told Media, “I don’t care, if I don’t get a job after this statement, as I feel I have a social responsibility as an artist to express about such things. I don’t give a damn about being controversial.”

 Imam added, “If AIB Roast would’ve been done for select audience in a pub or some other private place it would’ve been okay. But making fun of people on a fundamental level and hoping it gets accepted is foolish.”

 Imam has a special message for Karan and the AIB team.

“Shame on you, ‘Karan’. You and your team, if you have g**d me d*m then upload the unedited version and see what happens to you. “

 Imam is highly offended with the content and doesn’t find it funny at all. He says “Get a life, guys. You think you’re funny but you guys are really not. If you have to prove yourself then prove it on a reality show like Big Boss. I challenge all Khans, Kapoors, Khannas, Kumars to prove yourself on a stage where there’s no scripting, no make up, no costume designer, nobody to make you a star. I challenge you to come on Bigg Boss 9 and show it.”

 He believes that our society hasn’t become so modern to discuss about sexual aspects. Imam said, “I want to ask everyone is it right to discuss about your sex life with your parents. Even if you’re from LGBT community or anything else, I don’t know of people who will be comfortable discussing their sex life with parents. If Karan and his mother think it’s cool, then hats off to them.”

Imam is worried about the phase, India is going through. He replied, “I request everybody from Mr. Bachchan to the current young generation to refrain from blindly following western culture acts like AIB Roast. It’s a disgrace that our youth don’t know about India or it’s National Anthem but they know all songs of Shakira and Eminem. We are forgetting our 5000-year rich culture and tradition.”

Director Sameer Iqbal Patel also didn’t spare the show. He considers that the content with abusive language like ‘AIB Roast’ is the easiest way to make audience laugh. He said, “What Karan Johar and the AIB team have done is very easy. Any film with abusive language can make audience laugh easily. I am a writer and I know when we write such dialogues everybody finds it funny”.

Sameer also pointed out that in the AIB video, when Raghu Ram abused and mentioned that hits of the video shall go up and that’s how videos become popular.

Sameer shared his views, “But the challenge is to make people laugh with clean humour. The humour which is clean and which the family audience can watch together is difficult and challenging. We have tried to provide such clean entertainment for the family audience in our film sizzlingel Beautifool”.

Film is directed by Sameer Iqbal Patel, to be jointly produced by Madhire Ravinder Reddy and Mohammed Aslam Shaikh under the banner of Madhire Film Corporation and Umbrella Film Corporation.

The movie is tentatively set to release in April 2015.

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