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In The Box Office Race, Hollywood is Coming Out Ahead Of Bollywood In India Too

The Indian masses have always been fond of films and a cinema visit becomes a whole family day outing. But, with an increase in the interconnectivity with its western counterparts, the Indian audience has taken to Hollywood films. Avengers Endgame amassed a large viewership because of the unmatched fanbase in India. This movie earned a staggering 372.22 crore in its entire run and has become the highest grossing Hollywood release in India. It’s only fitting to say that Hollywood films have crushed Bollywood films in the Indian Box Office. And all this, despite being released in a lesser number of screens as compared to the Bollywood biggies.

The Lion King 2019

The question remains – How is Hollywood doing so well in India? Trade analyst Tarun Adarsh believes “Hollywood is a big competitor. Though their films have not released as wide as a Hindi film, they have a market base here primarily because of the content. Amul Mohan says “Be it Hollywood or Hindi, if the audience like the vibe of the film, they definitely go watch it. The consumers are willing to spend money to go and watch a good film that they feel will give them the bang for the buck.” Hollywood films like Avengers Endgame, The Lion King and. Aladdin are sequels that are part of a bigger franchise that not only have a nostalgic value but are also well-known and loved world over.

Avengers Endgame

Another thing that makes a big difference is that superhero movies are not really a genre in Bollywood. The VFX and 3D technology used by Hollywood films are a small gimmick that go a long way with the Indian audience. Since there aren’t as many larger-than-life films in Bollywood, these effects have an impact on the viewers. Additionally, Hollywood has started roping in Bollywood stars from Shah Rukh Khan and Aryan Khan in The Lion King to Ranveer Singh in Deadpool 2. These familiar voices as the voices of popular Hollywood characters are a unique blend and also makes these films more visible and loved.

Bollywood producers are taking notice of the increasing popularity of Hollywood films and honestly, so are we. The simple consideration of these films as competition makes us realize that Hollywood has arrived.

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