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Abhay Deol: To Meme Or Not To Meme

A lot of actors and influential people share their career trajectory and advice to inspire people. However, Abhay Deol answered the popular career question linked with him with a meme and the entire internet is laughing along! MIA from the movie scene for a long time, Deol made a comeback on Netflix with his film Chopsticks. We’ve always known that he was a great actor seen in multiple role – with his iconic and memorable role in Aisha. But, posting the meme shows he can make jokes and take them too. He took a dig at his own career arc, and this just goes to show how human and humble he really is.

Abhay Deol MemeThe words “Abhi-nahi-hay” in this meme imply that Abhay Deol’s career is going nowhere. And instead of waiting to be hazed by the paparazzi and laughed at on social media, Abhay decided to take one for the team. His sporty attitude is furthered by the caption of his meme post – “Found this online. Illustrates very well a question I get asked by the people and the press all the time. ‘Why do we not see you more on the big screen?’ It’s a loaded question, one I cannot answer in short. Maybe one day I will write a book about it. But then, I’ve already raked up enough trouble over the years, a book might land too many punches! But for all of who want more let me tell you that I have 3 films in post-production and I’m starting 2 more. As the great Lenny Kravitz once sang ‘it ain’t over till it’s over.’” He also used the hashtag “play the game” which shows that he is not only hip and with the trends, he knows how to have some fun too!

He got a lot of love and support from his contemporaries as well as his fans. Abhay Deol may have poked fun at his own career, but some very interesting movies are coming soon and we think everyone will finally get an answer to the age-old question “Why aren’t you on the big screen more?” Guess who’s back? Abhay is back.

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