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I Love New Year Review – Flawed Script and average Performances makes the film annoying

I love new year review

After a much of delay, the film ‘I Love New Year’ is releasing this Friday. The film falls under romantic comedy, which is directed by Radhika Rao and Vinay Sapru having Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut in the lead roles. The movie is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishan Kumar under the banner of Super Cassettes Industries Ltd. Though the film was orignally planned to release on 30th December 2013, however, it kept on delaying, which eventually made the film to release on 10th of July. And finally the filmmakers felt releasing the film after Tanu Weds Manu Returns hits the theatres for obvious reason. Well, let’s dig deep into the film to get the crux of the same.

I Love New Year Story/Plot Review

The movie is all about a story that revolves around the life of two people – the gorgeous musician played by Kangana Ranaut and a serious kind of Wall Street Banker played by Sunny Deol. The main plot of the film is based on the Soviet Film called The Irony Of Fate. The film is a one night story, which is on the New Year’s eve when these two strangers from two different cities (New York and Chicago) are tossed in their company by hand of density that turns out to be a comedy of errors. And just while the entire world is busy celebrating and welcoming the New Year, these two strangers their own romances are getting on stake. In order to make an effort to sustain their own relationship they are seen accidentally in love at this one night New Year eve with each other.

Script Review

The film in terms of story and plot has no innovation. As we all know the major plot is based on one Russian film, hence innovation is the least element one can expect from this film. Secondly a story with loads of confusion and a self staged drama created by the lead characters just to secure their respective relationships and eventually falling in love with each other is nothing new but the same old tale, which is repeated too often in different styles, music and songs. Hence, as far as the story and plot is concerned, you are not supposed to expect much from the film. The film has nothing usual start or end, but has the same slow paces, which confuses the audience giving too many loo breaks while anyone catches the film.

Start Performances & Technical Stuff

The idea of hitting the film especially when Kangana is flying high at the success ladder can be a good idea for the filmmaker but this can prove fatal for the Queen actress. They seem to be banking on the success saga of Kangana and can garner some response by exploiting this element but this may not prove better at the longer run. Expecting something out from the very unusual pair at the silver screen like Kangana and Sunny Deol seems very strange and weird, which more often makes it difficult to swallow. In fact, what made Kangana choose this film is the question of many critics and people from her fans list? May be when she chose the film, she had barely any idea to embark as a leading lady at the stardom with too many awards. May be when her career wasn’t that stable as we find it today. With two big back to back successful films in a row any average film coming in the midst can hamper her career.

Now, if we talk about the performances, expecting a love story out of a person like Sunny Deol who is more fit to weird roles like uprooting a pump and smashing it over his rivals in any film is simply unexpected and incredible. I wonder what made the filmmaker choose this couple on screen. A man in a banker’s role falls in love with a gorgeous lady seems really naive and unrealistic. And on the top of it, his fragile and lowly acting skills make things bad to worse. He is more fit into characters of Pakistan bashing films than romantic ones, wherein he simply appears to be truly nonsensical one.

It kept me laugh a lot to watch a man who is at the brink of his retirement to do such films and his role in the film can really make the audience unnerved leaving no option but to leave the film in the midst. On the other hand Kangana in the role of a gorgeous musician seemed better than Sunny, however, not that par as she is seen in the recent past two back to back glorious films like Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns. She is the same old Kangana in it who was seen lagging behind in many things before she emerged out as an accomplished actor in B Town with her previous two movies. The other factors like Music, photography, editing and screenplay remained average, which in turn fail to add up the entertainment value of the film.

I Love NY Review – Last Word

I Love NY has a monotonous story, which we often have caught before in various films. However, the more horrible thing is the one, which comes in the form of a couple called Sunny Deol and Kangana Ranaut. Imagining Sunny Deol in a role of a man who develops love and romance for a lady whom he has met accidentally seems to be incredible. The film is pitted with average performances, which also include Kangana as well making things bad to worse. Though the filmmakers have been heavily relying on the high heels of Kangana, which she has achieved with sheer hard work in her previous two films is likely to hamper the lady at the center. In a sense it’s a win-lose battle for her with the filmmaker willing to win the game, while Kangana anxious about hampering her high on the success ladder for doing a film against unfitting actor Sunny Deol whose career has been on the doldrums since long.

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