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Hamshakals Movie Review

Humshakals reviews

Cast : Ram Kapoor, Ritesh Deshmukh, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta, Tamannaah

Review : No matter even Sajid Khan seems to be making flicks in his own dreams and sidelining the logic, he seems to have succeeded in churning out the finished product to the audience, which is nothing but entertainment. Though the disaster of Himmatwala only led Sajid Khan to embark with an incredible movie simply in order to recover both emotionally and financially from the debacle.  When Himmatwala has tarnished Sajid and his successful direction career, Hamshakals is seen painting the stain and thus bring him out to his track of success. The idea of flick, which not just give him the double but triple roles for the first time ever in Bollywood movies seems to be captivating stuff.

But once you watch the movie you may notice an uncertainty in the idea that Hamshakals fails to give the right balance or lose out somewhere but the fact is you are simply prove wrong. Interestingly this movie simply does not follow the same old stereotype and traditional double roles as witnessed in movies like Aurangzeb or Judwa. However, is seen carrying out the movie with greater ease and comfort and he is seen taking the things forward with greater responsibility. You do not see any one getting lost and meeting at the climax unlike the other double role based movies.

The trio – Saif (Ashok), Reteish (Kumar) and Ram Kapoor (Mamaji) together make a combo of nine different characters who all are seen delving around freely. You can find lots of confusion around that simply can engage the audience for long. Sajid seems to be playing on the very same old idea that by creating certain perplexity via the drama can really offer the viewers a good dose of laughter.  The complete chaos seen in the movie for around two hours gives you loads of opportunity laugh and enjoys light hearted moments. Though you may find a couple of jokes and sequences to be heard and seen yet trust me you would see the least chuckle over your face if not the mad laughter.

The plot goes this way, both Kumar and Ashok are good friends whose duplicates are seen with the same names are found in mental hospital, while the third pair is somewhere in the other situation. Also, Mamaji is seen with the triple role; however, most of them are not aware about this funny fact.  However, the moment they realise about this fact the entire situation turns out to be pretty exciting and interesting. There are lots of scenes and sequences which gives all reasons to laugh like mad people. In one of the sequence you find the trio falling in love to the beauty of their twins who are seen in female costumes including the extra revealing bikinis.

Though the romance between the male lead characters seem to droll you at the other end the female characters like Tamannah, Esha and Bipasha seems to have cute romance with Ashok and Kumar. However, Ram is not that lucky to have someone to romance. Ram Kapoor seems to have stepped up into a new role or avatar, but his performance has really justified his character to a great extent. Kudos Mamaji! At the same time the performance coming from both Saif and Reteish seems to be incredible as all the three have left no stone unturned to give their best in the movie helping Sajid Khan to recover from his previous disaster.

Though the female team (Bips, Tammanna and Esha) seems to have the purpose of eye candy stuff yet they were good in their performance as well with the alluring act. The music comes from Himesh Reshamiya guy, which seems to be good at least better than his acting, which he has showcased in his last movie Xpose. The songs like Caller Tune and the other one called Piya Ke Bazaar Main seem to be at the top at the chartbuster list. Indeed, Hamshakals is an incredible comeback for Sajid Khan as a director considering his pitfall seen with Himmatwala.

Manoj L


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