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Huma Qureshi: With Toughest Attitude Now Banned by Photographers

Huma Qureshi

Before we come on to the topic directly, can anyone tell me why do we like photography? I know it’s actually a silly question which I am asking but the fact behind insisting on the question is one of our beloved actress who’s often rolling all over the B town for her toughest attitude and nature, but none of us had ever thought off that her attitude will be reaching to a level of ego wherein she’ll be treated as a culprit of her own mistake. I know this is something which is clicking your mind with some countless questions isn’t? Hold on,, hold on guys let’s make this more clear like a glass.

I guess you’ll might knew the same case which was rolling few months back with the beautiful actress Shraddha kapoor who’s also been banned by the photographers? I guess for sure you’ll may knew this. So, coming on to the fire catching discussion for the alluring actress Huma Qureshi, moving along with the sources then it is said that despite insisting and requesting of photographers so many times the actress was not ready for the photo shoot. However, if we get more deeper with the sources then, it is also said that Huma insisted the photographer to take the shoots from where there were and not to come closer and thus that actually made them to place a tag of ban on the head of Huma.

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