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5 Foods For Your Natural Sun Protection

The food you eat would define how radiant, ageless and firm your skin would appear. The kinds of foods you opt would put an impact on your body’s ability to make elastin and collagen along with dictating the hydration process of your skin cells along with dealing with the enzymes, which bring in wrinkles. Start eating wrong foods and you would end up getting sagging and pigmented skin. The only option you have is to eat the right foods and you end up getting a clear, soft and luminous skin. There are certain foods, which are meant to enhance the natural sun protection of your skin, which in turn will help in boosting up the ability to ward off the damages of ultraviolet exposure. If you neglect having wrong food, you simply end up damaging your skin. Now, let’s check the top 5 foods that can give a natural sun protection as under:

Heirloom Tomatoes are Good For Health
Heirloom Tomatoes are Good For Health

1)Heirloom Tomatoes

These are considered rich in antioxidant lycopene, which help further to avert the UV effects and thus free the radicals by 40 to 50 percent. The Lycopene is much better absorbed with fat, so better drizzle your tomatoes with the help of olive oil. You are supposed to eat about a cup of the same and end up getting a good amounts of sun protetion. These tomatoes are meant to have more amounts of lycopene as compared to the normal ones.



2) Pomegranate
The seeds of pomegranate comprise poly phenols, which help in securing your skin from the UVA and UVB free radicals. These can help in improving upon the sun protection element of sunscreen by around 25 percent and also address hyper pigmentation. You can eat along with snacks or simply by tossing inside your salad to get flawless skin. You can even think of consuming this in juice, which is supposed to be the simple ways to consume antioxidant, however, without having the seeds, there is no fiber, hence the juice quickly convert the sugar that contribute to skin aging elements.

Watermelon: Helpful for Weight Loos
Watermelon: Helpful for Weight Loos

This one of the best fruits to have during the summers as it caters sufficient amount of water to your body along with making you free from the skin issues. It is a good source of lycopene and all you need is three cups to make it effective. You can eat watermelon during the summer snack with some fresh mint and squeeze of lime.



4) Bell Peppers
The bell peppers carries the antioxidant capsiate that reduces UVB induced skin damage and inhibits inflammation from sun exposure. You can consume the same by tossing with spinach salad, however, you need a complete bell pepper for it in order to make it effective.

5) Wild Salmon
It is rich in omega 3 fats, which inhibits inflammation from UVB rays by around 52 percent. They can even block the release of UV induced enzymes that can be ate away at collagen thus causing issues like sagging and wrinkles. You can enjoy it with the help of wild salmon with micro-greens.



Wrapping up:

All these foods can be great source to empower your skin surface and make it effective against the scorching sun. So, make sure you start consuming them and get rid from the issues you face from the sun.

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