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Sanjana Sanghi says she misses Sushant Singh everyday

Sanjana Sanghi
Sanjana Sanghi says she misses Sushant Singh Rajput everyday. She shares all this on his Late actor’s birthday. She wrote – “Hope that smile remains just as wide forever. You’re missed every day.”

Sanjana Sanghi told – “I’ve realised that for the past three-four months, I’ve been out and about and travelling a lot, working and meeting a lot of people. Hearing from them, finally after lockdown in actual flesh and blood, what they felt and that’s what I want it to be. I want everybody to have their own special relationship with it because I know they do. With our characters, with the music, with absolutely everything.”

Sanjana Sanghi further adds – “And for me, personally, it’s what’s taught me everything I know about, not just the craft but it’s taught me life and it’s made me grow up in many ways. There’s a lot of gratitude. There’s a lot of heartbreak. There’s everything there. For me what it is personally is different but for our audiences, I just want them to remember it the way they do and continue to love it the way they do.”

His sister, Shweta Singh Kirti, announced a $35,000 fund at UC Berkeley. Sanjana Sanghi writes – “I am happy to announce that on 35th Birthday of Bhai, a step has been taken towards fulfilling one of his dreams. The Sushant Singh Rajput Memorial Fund of $35,000 has been set up in UC Berkeley. #SushantDay.”

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