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Hritik also scared Shahrukh… New release date of Raees !


After the flop of ‘Fan’  King Khan Shahrukh shocked so strongly that he gave up his stub borness to put up Raees in front of Sultan . He  kept his ego in the side and moved away from the battle. He read the result of the battle. If Ranvir Singh via ‘ bajiaro ‘ trumped so good , so how can they stood up against ‘Sultan’ Salman.

They  took ‘Raees’ straight to next year and announced to display the movie in week which includes the day of 26 January . ‘ Hrithik Roshan ‘ has already talked about  bringing  ‘ Kabil’ on the same date. Suddenly he got shocked, but later on  decided to compete.

Shah Rukh  thought that Hritik will further delay  his movie date , but he did not. Now is the turn of Shahrukh  to panic. He  not ready to race.  He is waiting for outcome of battle between ‘Mohenjodaro’ and ‘rustam’. If Hrithik’s film doesn’ win than , it’s possible that Hrithik will move his ‘Kanil’ forward  ‘, but if opposite happens then shahrukh has to delay his movie.

By the way , Shahrukh is looking for his new release date too. He don’t want to bump with any of the film. They are looking for a date when big Festival is there and a filmdoes not occur in front. His team scanned all dates by 2017, but haven’t found a date. Dates have been booked by Christmas 2017.

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