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Hrithik Roshan Shares Playful Birthday Banter with War 2 Co-Star Jr NTR: ‘Master Proud of Student in the Kitchen

Telugu actor Jr. NTR celebrated his birthday on May 20 and received an outpouring of warm wishes from fans and fellow celebrities. Among the well-wishers was Hrithik Roshan, who is slated to star alongside Jr. NTR in the upcoming film ‘War 2’. Hrithik’s birthday message, although it left many puzzled, delighted fans as they witnessed the camaraderie between the Bollywood and Tollywood actors. Taking to social media,
Hrithik penned a heartfelt birthday note for Jr. NTR, saying, “A very Happy Birthday to you @tarak9999! Here’s to another incredible spin around the sun. This time we spin together! I hope by the end of it the master is proud of the student in the kitchen! Haha! Stay healthy. Stay blessed.”

In his message, Hrithik playfully alluded to their culinary adventures during their time shooting in Mumbai. The genuine friendship between the two stars was evident in Hrithik’s light-hearted but genuine social media post. Jr. NTR, renowned for his warmth and sharp wit, responded in the same spirit, saying, “Hahaha… Thank you so much Sir. Had a congenial War on sets with you. Can’t wait to be back with you and spin around the Sun together… As they say, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear and you are ready.”

However, fans were left puzzled by what Hrithik meant about the master, student, and the kitchen. One fan commented, “Master is proud of the student in the kitchen… #War2,” and shared a meme expressing confusion about the context. Another fan questioned, “Student evaru Teacher evaru ra picchekkutundi” (Who’s the student and who’s the teacher, I’m confused). Yet another fan asked, “So you mean Hrithik is the student and you are the teacher?” While the exact meaning of their inside joke remained a mystery to many, fans were thrilled to witness the friendly banter and camaraderie between the two talented actors.

Ziya Khan


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