Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Why Hrithik Roshan is Proud of Udta Punjab?

hrithik roshan is proud of udta punjab

Udta Punjab is making loads of headlines in all the forms of media. Thanks to the ongoing tussle between its makers and the Censor Board. The fact, the makers approached Bombay High Court to intervene in the matter and soon it was seen coming too heavily over the board asking them to take precision decisions about the same. Amidst all, we saw the celebrities from B Town discussing about the same in the media and was saw the Bang Bang actor also speaking about the same.

In fact, Hrithik Roshan went ahead and called films like Udta Punjab can be called as his pride. In his statement he said that the censor board has though suggested a number of cuts in the movie that has brought forth unfortunate condition, which films and makers do often face. He applauded people coming forward and supporting the film including even the strangers as well. Udta Punjab is seen bringing out the unfortunate condition that is suffered by the movies. However, he said the film is fortunate enough to see strangers even standing up united for the justice. This makes him proud when he was seen tweeting on the microblogging site the last time.

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