How the habit of Gratitude can change your life, shares Lavleen Kaur

Lavleen Kaur

In a world where more people today feel increasingly entitled and privileged, practicing gratitude for the familiar, everyday things could not be more urgent, grounding, and beneficial for your well-being. It may be that some people are naturally more grateful than others, but expressing gratitude is a skill anyone can learn, and do more of.

“I have been practicing gratitude for over 5 years now and sharing my experience with you”, says Lavleen Kaur in a recent post on her Facebook page which has nearly half a million followers. Lavleen is a renowned Dietitian in India. She is also a clinical nutritionist and lifestyle coach, and founder of Diet Insight.

She insists on following the below practices daily to form a habit:

• When you sit down for your dinner every day or just before going to bed, think about the good things in your life, at least for a few seconds. Make this a habit, even if you had a bad day or frustrated moments (everybody does), and this way you will be forced to think about something positive that is happening around you.

• Take pics of those little everyday moments that make you smile and keep a journal.

• Once you do this for a month or two, you start to realize that nearly every day is a good day (at least in some way)

• You will gradually find that the monetary things around you are not that important, and that the real happiness comes from time spent with friends & family, something nice someone said, a good workout that day. (Not saying money is not important, but you will feel that majority of the things that you are grateful for do not cost anything.)
“For me, this habit has contributed to long-term happiness, my energy, quality of sleep and peace of mind. Give it a try and see if it works for you”, says Lavleen.

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