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How Bheed Teaser into an object of hate and controversy, check details

Recently, a row has erupted over the teaser of the upcoming web series ‘Bheed’, which has been accused of sensationalizing the 2020 migrant crisis. The teaser features scenes of people walking on highways and railway tracks, carrying their belongings on their heads, and portrays the plight of migrant workers during the COVID-19 induced lockdown.

The 2020 migrant crisis was a result of the sudden nationwide lockdown announced in India on March 25, 2020, to contain the spread of COVID-19. The lockdown led to the closure of all non-essential businesses, leaving millions of migrant workers jobless and stranded in cities far away from their homes. With no means of livelihood, food, or shelter, the workers started walking back to their villages, sometimes covering distances of hundreds of kilometers on foot.

The crisis highlighted the vulnerabilities of the migrant workforce in India and exposed the gaps in the country’s social security system. According to the International Labour Organization, an estimated 400 million workers in India are in the informal sector, with no job security, social protection, or access to healthcare.

While the teaser of ‘Bheed’ aims to draw attention to the plight of migrant workers, it has been criticized for sensationalizing the crisis and playing up emotions to grab attention. Critics argue that such depictions of the migrant crisis could perpetuate negative stereotypes and reinforce existing biases against migrant workers.

As per official estimates, around 10 million migrant workers were impacted by the lockdown, with many forced to walk back to their villages. The crisis also resulted in several deaths due to accidents, hunger, and exhaustion. The government announced various relief measures, including providing food and shelter to stranded workers, but there were reports of inadequate implementation and coverage.

In conclusion, while the teaser of ‘Bheed’ may have triggered a controversy, it is important to acknowledge the reality of the migrant crisis and address the underlying issues that led to it. The crisis exposed the vulnerabilities of India’s informal workforce and highlighted the need for robust social security systems and safety nets to protect the most vulnerable sections of society.

Check the teaser:

Ziya Khan


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