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The House Next Door Trailer Review 

The House Next Door Trailer
The trailer is both scary and intriguing which makes the film the most awaited one in B Town
Just after releasing the trailer of his Tamil horror film called Aval, the director Milind Rau was seen unveiling the trailer of its Hindi counterpart titled The House Next Door. The film has  Siddharth, Andrea Jeremiah and Atul Kulkarni in the lead role. Though one may find the identical storylines in both the movie, the trailer for The House Next Door seems very much different from that of Aval. Looking at the story of this horror film, it revolves around a neurosurgeon (played by Siddharth) and his wife (played by Andrea) who shift to a new abode. However, soon they feel that their neighboring house, inhabiting a little girl and her mother remains haunted.

But the doctor played by Siddharth is not willing to accept the presence of any supernatural element until he closely encounters the same which soon lead to exorcism. The best part of this film, which appears from the trailer is that they have made this film with serious horror without adding the humor elements in it, which keeps the entertainment value of the film intact without hampering the quality of it. This is often the trend in the South Indian film, which is however not the case with Bollywood horror movies, which somewhere down the line dilutes the entertainment value of horror movies in B Town.

The House Next Door Trailer Review
The House Next Door Trailer Review
The 2-minute trailer is both edgy and intriguing apart from being very much spooky that can close your eyes reflexively now and then by showcasing a number of bizarre incidents. Besides the suspense elements, you get the chance to catch the age-old spooky homes amidst the mysterious hills, which becomes the exciting element in the movie. The makers claim that the film they have made will match the standards of Hollywood, which seems to be right to a great extent. The makers claim that the film is based on some real story and they have tried to add the real elements to make the movie realistic that seems to appear from the trailer. Thus the trailer gets a higher rating as the viewers seem to be intrigued a lot with it and now desperate to catch the film when it finally releases.

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