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Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Film Review

Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Film Review

Cast : Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha, Freddy Daruwala, Sumeet Raghavan, Sahedev Girish

Review : Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is a superlative Masala entertainer that also carries a thought provoking message dealing with uneasy relationships between the defense forces and civilians. Here you find an army man called Vira Bakshi played by Akshay Kumar is a busy man. He comes for his arranged marriage and thus seen busy romancing with fiancée but at the tagline of the movie suggest a soldier is not off duty, hence also seen saving the burning Mumbai from the terrorist attacks and free the city from the hardcore terrorists.

Digging deep, both Akshay and the director seems very much the former seen doing romance and saving the city from the clutches of terrorism while the latter is seen rescuing the masala fare from the blandness blemishes, which it seem to got of late. The director has attempted to prepare teh blend of dark theme of terrorism with pleasant mainstream cinematic platter that comes served with added pickles and salad to taste marvel. The director is the same man who directed Ghajini that turned out to be an excessive violent movie resembling a lot to a Hollywood movie called Memento that he has dismissed by calling it coincidental thing. However, in Moliday the talented director seems taking the charge of the proceeding much better.

With Akshay as the hero who becomes the ray of hope for people recuing the city is seen with the larger than life kind of hero, but looking closely you may find his some of the most exuberant and boisterous kind of performances till date. In fact, Holiday and Akshay can be called as made for each other and thus sounds a very cool combination, unlike the one we saw last week with Rajkummar in Citylights. Holiday is a no-nonsense movie, with no outright vulgarity to mix and other stuff to do. The directly seems to have got an unflinching kind of support from his technical team and the writers in order to translate the ideas into reality of the reel world. Thus he was successful enough to embark with an elusive cinematic entity with Holiday.

Looking at the other sides, Sonakshi role simply offered comic relief to the serious kind of movie wherein she is less of Diva and more of Mehmood the comedian. It is interesting to see a movie wherein the director has also carved certain romantic scenes in a movie, which deals with hardcore terrorism. As far as the art and costume of the movie is concerned, full score can be given. However, the irony the movie creates is really chilling. Well the irony in the environment of normalcy with climate of terror seems different here, yet you have certain masterstrokes in the performance of Freddy Daruwala who is the leading man in the terrorist camp. The last 15 minutes wherein you see the encounter of Akshay with the master mind Freddy’s character is incredible and the audience would have good time watching it.

Holiday – A Soldier Is Never Off Duty Final words :

All in all, Holiday happens to be the slick action thriller, which can grip the audience along with enthralling and captivating them. Thanks to the watertight and razor sharp screenplay found in it.

Manoj L


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