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Filmistaan Movie Review

filmistaan reviews

Cast : Sharib Hashmi, Innamulhaq, Kumud Mishra, Gopal Datt, Saroj Sharma, Sanjay Mehta,Ravi Bhushan, Waseem Khan

Review : In the list of two movies hitting this week, one of them is Filmistaan. The main cast of the movie include Kumud Mishra, Sharib Hashmi, Gopal Dutt, Inaamulhaq, Saroj Sharma, Waseem Khan, Sanjay Mehta and Tushar Jha. It is directed by the Nitin Kakkar. In a country, which is obsessed to movies, this film that has been applauded from all the nooks and corners of the world is finally releasing today. It took two long years of struggle to see some really a worthy movie finally hitting the theaters. Indeed the movie has got all accolades, which it deserves, thanks to the powerful script of the movie and ace performances of almost all the people who worked in the movie.

The movie Filmistaan talks about a man called Sunny Arora played by Sharib Hashmi who is ardent fan of cinema as much as he loves his life. This man is very many gripped by the movies, which always keep revolving around this person round the rock. He finally heads to Bombay to make his dream to become an actor come true, however, he is perpetually rejected by a number of filmmakers he approaches and finally end up becoming an assistant director in overseas based film unit. When he goes for shoot in Rajasthan, he end up being caught by the Pakistani terrorists for the disbelief of being a foreigner. This trigger out a new journey and you find this man being captivated at a man’s place called Aftab who deal with pirated CDs and DVDs. There he share the passion of movies with sunny and two turn out good friends. At the same time, Sunny is seen developing a good rapport with the kidnappers and the villagers, but will he be able to escape from his captivity is a big question to answer. Once you watch the movie, you can find how the director has unfolded the movie magically and beautifully.

Now, let’s talk about the good and bad of the movie, however, there only goods not too many bad in it. The movie is never seen going over the top, right from having Bollywood actor mimicries to infusing drama and emotions everything seems to be in a perfect balance. All the actors particularly Sharib Hashmi, Inamullaq has showcases in efface able camaraderie, which has perfectly blended together in order to become a stirring kind of story making an incredibly gratifying movie. The lead characters are incredibly mesmerizing in terms of acting and performance. You can certainly call Filmistaan a perfect blend of humour, seriousness and emotions, which has very nicely defined the relationships between India and Pakistan and even compels to give a second thought about the naive approach towards the bitter bilateral relations. As far as the bads of the movies are concerned, you find hardly any making it a perfect entertainer of the week.

Final words of Filmistaan reviews

So considering the incredible performances of all the lead roles and subtle message it carries along with everything you see in the movie, it won’t be unfair to give the rating of 4.5. In nutshell, Filmistaan is a crackling film to the core, which hardly has any dull moment in its lambent tapestry.

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