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Himanshi Khurana secretly got married?

Bigg Boss 13 contestant Himanshi Khurana is in discussion not only for her relationship with her boyfriend Asim Riaz but also for her new photo, in which she is wearing a ‘Chuda’ and engagement ring.

In the post, Himanshi can be seen wearing smart casual and loose shirt with her jewellery. Since she did not caption the photo, many fans commented and asked her if she had tied the knot.

This is not the first time that fans have been confused about the status of Himanshi’s relationship. The news of their engagement had become the subject of much discussion due to the manner in which they shared the ring in their finger, and now this picture has only added more mystery to it.

Before entering Bigg Boss 13, Himanshi was in a relationship with someone for nearly a decade. It is only when she met Asim at home that things had changed. Asim wooed her with his charm, and proposed to her at home. While Himanshi was initially reluctant, he eventually did.

Punjabi singer and Asim Asim Riaz met inside Bigg Boss 13’s house and later fell in love immediately. However, Himanshi did not express her feelings as she was already in a committed relationship with someone for 9 years. When Himanshi entered the house for the second time, the two became friends and eventually the love developed between them. Now this couple is often seen expressing their feelings for each other on social media.

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