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Divyanka Tripathi is flirting with this person these days

Actresses Divyanka Tripathi and Vivek Dahiya know how to make their fans happy with their jokes and fun on social media. Divyanka, who is spending her lockdown time with Vivek at home, shared a funny photo today on June 9, referring to her husband’s last post on social media about flying high and taking a ride.

In her latest video, Vivek has reached his rooftop and then tells everyone that the last time he took a round of Andheri took him a count of up to 15 and now he would like to compete with himself. Taking the position of Superman, he leaps into the air and returns this time within 11 counts.

Divyanka Tripathi joked in her new picture that she wants to go for a ride with him. In a flirtatious manner, she wrote, “So will you take me for a ride? Take me by your side, take me with you… ”Reacted to Vivek Dahiya’s last post. #TakeMeForARide (For real! Not like idioms) “


Within minutes, her post was liked by many fans, and some asked Vivek to take her along next time.

During the lockdown, Divyanka and Vivek are spending time cooking, gardening and doing lots of things together. He also enjoys doing gym, and Vivek often becomes Divyanka’s trainer.

Both Vivek and Divyanka have taken COVID-19 lockdown in a sporting manner and can be seen indulging in many different activities to keep themselves busy. Both spouses are busy refining their cooking skills.

Recently, Divyanka made a dessert for Vivek and it was quite tasty. She was making it for the first time and Vivek liked it a lot.

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