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Here’s why Alakh Pandey’s ‘Physics Wallah’ is a must-watch

The Amazon mini-TV series “Physics Wallah,” starring Shreedhar Dubey in the titular role of a physics teacher, is receiving a positive response from reviewers and audiences. We admit that this series is a one-of-a-kind drama that teaches viewers some valuable lessons.Those who have already watched it can’t stop praising it. However, people who haven’t got their hands on it yet can watch this series for free on the Amazon app. But still, if you are wondering whether it’s worth watching or not, we will tell you what makes this educational drama a must-watch!

THIS makes Physics Wallah a decent watch

1. Physics Wallah is a true tale

In some instances, you all must have had a question about how Alakh Pandey became “Physics Wallah” without facing challenges and obstacles in his path. Well, that’s not true! If this raises your curiosity about how he won the title of India’s biggest EdTech giant, you need to watch this interesting tale.

2. Shreedhar Dubey as Alakh Pandey is simply awesome

Shreedhar Dubey’s stellar performance is another highlight of this mini-TV series. He is a skilled actor and is known as a method actor who can ace every role with his impeccable acting talent. He is so invested in the character that it will be hard for you to figure out the difference between his on-screen and real-life personas.

Physics Wallah Amazon miniTV
Physics Wallah Amazon miniTV

3. It’s high on emotions.

Physics Wallah is a “high on emotions movie,” adding another element of entertainment to its bucket list.While you binge-watch the series, you will experience multiple emotions at once, like laughter, love, sorrow, motivation, and inspiration.

4. An Indian Edtech Guru biopic for the first time

You’ve probably seen biography films and television shows about people like cricketer MS Dhoni: An Untold Story, boxer Mary Kom, and scientist Rocketry. However, you have never heard of a biopic of an Edtech guru, who has much more influence in this world. Physics Wallah comes up with an exciting tale of an influential person from India.

5. Enjoy it for free!

Tired of subscriptions and paid services? You might be looking for some free but binge-worthy content. This is the right choice for you. Just having the Amazon app on your phone can let you stream it for free.

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