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Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot’s fans demand strict action against MC Stan for openly threatening him

Shalin Bhanot: Bigg Boss 16 is a controversial reality show which has been successful in entertaining the audience. Many twists and flips are seen throughout the day in the show. The Salman Khan-hosted show is a perfect lesson in who is who’s a friend and who’s enemy. However, in the recent episode, we saw that MC Stan is in the headlines as he has openly threatened Shalin Bhanot that he will thrash him with his gang after he comes out of the show. This rapper’s threat has left his parents worried and anxious about their son’s safety. And his fans are also very angry with MC and are expecting Salman Khan to charge him and slam him for this open threat. 

Viewers and fans who follow the show regularly are waiting whether Salman Khan will lash out at him or not. 

Shalin Bhanot’s parents confessed that they were worried for their son saying, “Namaste and thank you for all the love you have all been showering on our son Shalin. Shalin signed up for this truly amazing journey, one with lots of challenges. We are sure he will come out emerging as a winner of hearts and love. However, we are worried!”

See all Tweets here Shalin Bhanot’s fans lash out at MC Stan: 


While his fans are supporting him that Shalin Bhanot has abused her mother in the middle of a fight and that is why he made such threats out of anger. 

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