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Here is why ‘disrespect of A.R. Rahman’ is trending on Twitter

Many Twitter users must have noticed that #DisRespectOfARRahman has been trending since yesterday evening. Here is the reason why it has been trending on Twitter since yesterday.

On Sunday, April 30, Oscar-winning composer A R Rahman performed a live concert at Raja Bahadur Mills in Pune. However, his live-in concert was stopped midway when an officer walked up to the stage and announced that the show had gone a few minutes past the 10 p.m. deadline.

The concert video shows an officer requesting Rahman and the other performers on stage to cease performing. The Pune Police published a statement shortly after the video became viral, noting that their performance went beyond the 10 p.m. limit.

As per the order by the Supreme Court of India, loud music is banned in open spaces in Pune after 10 pm.
However, many netizens appear to be outraged by Pune Police’s disrespectful treatment of A.R. Rahman, and have started the #DisRespectOfARRahman trend on Twitter. Many netizens pointed out that instead of going on stage to stop the concert in the middle, Pune police could have easily contacted the backstage organization to do so.

One user wrote, “If talents and stalwarts like AR Rahman are treated this way then nothing can be said #DisRespectOfARRahman”.

Another user wrote, “He is the noblest of soul who has made the nation proud on multiple platforms. How could anyone stop the concert of this maestro? Stopping him mid song is terrible. #DisRespectOfARRahman”

One more user wrote, “What they done to ARR is not good at all ,Stopping a concert in mid song is highly insulting. Kudos to A R Rahman for being so respectful#DisRespectOfARRahman

Some netizens also pointed out police officials’ double standards towards politicians and ordinary citizens, pointing out how this video demonstrates how police officials give special treatment to politicians who break the law by organizing speech events that break the same law and last until midnight, but police officials do not stop them midway.

“These politicians can do anything irrespective of time limits but an Oscar winner who is entertaining people should stop his activity with in their permitted time. Shame on Pune police. Don’t worry he can rule the cine industry with South films only ” wrote one user.

Meanwhile, AR Rahman thanked the people of Pune for all the love during “a roller coaster concert and also took a dig for “Rockstar moment on stage”. His tweet reads, Did we all just have the “Rockstar” moment on stage yesterday? I think we did! We were overwhelmed by the love of the audience and kept wanting to give more..
Pune, thank you once again for such a memorable evening. Here’s a little snippet of our roller coaster ride ;)”

Rahman has not reacted to the incident but his close aide has expressed disappointment and said that police could have talked to the organizers first.

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