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Hate Story 2 Review

Hate-Story-2 movie review

The much awaited and hyped movie called Hate Story 2 will be hitting tomorrow at all the major theaters in India. It is the erotic thriller, which is directed by Vivek Agnihotri, starring Surveen Chawla, Jay Bhanushali and Sushant Singh in the lead roles. The movie has been in discussion since its trailer or posters were released in the media. Thanks to the hot and sensual scenes portrayed in the movie by the TV and Punjabi Movie fame called Surveen Chawla. The movie constantly made headlines owing to the hot scenes by Surveen Chawla as censor board has asked to cut a couple of scenes for obvious reasons. The movie was produced by Vikram Bhatt, Bhushan Kumar, which is basically the sequel of Hate Story released in 2012 with lead roles including Paoli Dam and Gulshan Devaiya.

Hate Story 2 Review

Hate Story 2 simply is a revenge thriller having Surveen Chawla at the center embarking with her new alluring and bold look. She is seen crossing any limits to take her revenge of losing her boy friend Jay.  The movie falls under the bold films of Bollywood, which has been candid in portraying sex and the explicit language that you may often not see in B Town movies. As you keep on watching the movie, soon, you would see yourself entering the murky world of dirty politics practiced in the dream city called Bombay. You can notice the plot getting widening with certain bold content of the movie, while the director has left no stone unturned to add certain grey shades, which Bollywood would rarely think of adding, which comes under the politics of sex. It is all about the tussle of a young photographer from B Town who is seen playing games with a high profile Hindu right wing political leader.

Hate Story 2 Review : Script Analysis

Talking about the plot, it seems a bit different, which when showcased with elements like sensuality and hot characters as played by Surveen can prove out to be a good blend. At least for these elements along with the filthy politics of B Town and the vengeance of a young photographer can be a perfect Masala blend for the audience. Being directed by ace filmmakers of the industry, you are likely to find any hitch while watching the movie. Though be prepared for the low and high scenes, which keep on coming and adding in the movie, giving you very less amount of loo breaks. Thus the movie has the capacity to stick to you till the last minute giving you the thrill and inquisitiveness in the vengeance saga.

Hate Story 2 Review : Star Performance

Talking about the performances, Surveen Chawla seems to be justifying the character, despite being new in Bollywood movies; she wasn’t that amateur as expected. Her character and role in the movie was simply awesome, while her bold looks cannot be a missed out event by the audience. Yet, if you dig deep, some sort of naïve or newbie thing can be witnessed yet these elements are being overshadowed by sensual look and avatar in the movie.

The music in the film comes from Mithoon, Meet Bros Anjjan, Arko Pravo Mukherjee and Rashid Khan who all have been incredible making most of its song among the charbusting music list. After all, it is produced by some of the big braned in music industry the T Series group, which enjoys a rollicking year of producing great music and blockbuster movies. Above all, the electric vocal of KK and incredible lyrics of Tanvir Ghazi simply is seen stealing the show. The songs really comes with some heartfelt romantic track with melancholic kind of feeling and some lovely background arrangements, making things really different.

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