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Amit Sahni Ki List Review

amit-sahni-ki-list movie review

Amit Sahni Ki List is a romantic comedy, which will be hitting the theaters tomorrow. It is directed by Ajay Bhuyan, while the lead characters include Vir Das, Anindita Nayar, Vega Tamotia, and Kavi Shastri. The story is all about an investment banker who is seen hunting for a woman of his own dreams. He has a list of his dream girl wherein he has enlisted a number of qualities, which makes any woman the perfect one for him. So, every time you find the guy going for a date, he ensures that he checks his list to confirm whether the lady surfaces the attributes enlisted with him. The movie is all about checking a number of interesting twists and turns he encounters while meeting and dating a couple of girls in order to find her Ms. Right.

Amit Sahni Ki List Review : Script Analysis

Talking about the script, the story has some great concept in it, however, the movie is seen lacking the pertinent point. Thanks to the director who has failed to trail the movie in a right way despite having some interesting script in hand. The character of Vir is rudely dumped by his first girlfriend hence he embarks with a list of Ms Perfect at the end. The idea of the movie seemed unique, yet the poor execution seems to have hampered the movie ruthlessly. Though the idea seems novel yet could somewhere remind you the story of F.R.I.E.N.D.S and even a long back Doordarshan serial commonly called as Mr. Yogi telecasted in the last eighties. You have the idea the lovers cannot be clones was badly portrayed in Bollywood movies badly, however, with this movie, the idea seemed novel but the failed execution wrecked all havoc making the end product bad.

Amit Sahni Ki List Review : Star Performance

As far as the performance is concerned, Vir Das was awesome in his performance especially in his comic timing. However, when you talk about romance in the film, he was seen slightly lagging behind. Vega seems too mediocre in the movie yet managed to do better than others, while Anindita Nayar too horrible in her acting performance, perhaps she needs good acting tips to perform better in her next movie. Though she looks ravishing but her poor acting skills can add her in the bad books. Lastly talking about Kavi Shasthri, this actor didn’t have much role to comment on.

Amit Sahni Ki List Review : Direction

Let’s talk about the direction, editing and screenplay of the movie. Ajay in his direction seemed too mediocre, which you can make out from the very start of the movie. On the other hand, the haphazard narrative backed by the sloppy kind of editing really added more salt in a ruined cuisine. The first half has certain punches and laughing moments, however, the next half is incredible bad. You could notice most of the scenes being carried out in haste especially in the second half thus diminishing the entire idea of film completely. The movie’s music is often seen missing in it, while the screenplay seems too incoherent. However, with such ideas, the movie could have reached to a better height, which the directors have failed to put it over the required height.

Final word

To watch or miss out is your choice, however, looking at the novel idea, the movie really require some spin of freshness in order to sell out. Thanks to the poor direction and incredible performance, Amit Sahni Ki List lagging behind the entire scene, which it deserves. All you can do is waste your time while watching the movie.

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