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Happy New Year Trailer Review : An Extravagant Appearance didn’t worked

Happy New Year movie

The much hyped Happy New Year Trailer has embarked since two days with millions of views on YouTube and the mobile apps WhatsApp. However, if you have to speak about it in just few words, it can be called as a extravagant appearing ordinary kind of trailer, which was backed by too much of hype and buzz around simply to make it big and bold. Ironically the story seems to be just the contrary to the hype propagated by the media and the so called Indiawale crew. Honestly, the trailer surfacing through WhatsApp seemed very much ordinary, which encompasses all the required Bollywood elements required to make a Spicy movie. However, the elegant canvas in which the movie is being promoted sounds to be very much huge and incredible.

Thanks to the presence of the star value of Shah Rukh Khan that seems to be turning the table in the favor of the movie. The kind of impact and aura the Baadshah of Bollywood has seems to be stealing the show, otherwise the trailer seemed too meager in terms of content and script and other things. On the other side if you look at people like Farah Khan, she shares the history of embarking with a couple of fiasco like Tees Maar Khan along with facing several other hurdles too. If you recall the gimmicks tried and tested with the movie Om Shanti Om, she simply failed to understand the crux of Bollywood, which the audience understand the better.

The trailer simply open with a big and extravagant shot with gradually introducing the top six losers in the story. You may call the dance contest in the script to be a smart idea, however, implementing the same can be called as a big challenge to go with. Perhaps, the buzz for the trailer has been spoken far and wide but frankly it has failed to showcase the right kind of thrills in it except few scenes. These include wherein you can find Shah Rukh Khan seen doing some underwater stunt and the one wherein he is seen over the helipad, while the other was same old stories tried in the most hazy ways.

On the other side, the humor elements are too many, which was perfectly interwoven in the movie, be it carried out by the leggy lass (Deepika) or by Boman Irani making things better for the movie. Well if you check the Madar Chhod Na Yaar too seemed more humorous than vulgar. Besides you would also find an amalgamation of things like color, humour, vibrancy, verve and the fizzy kind of feeling, which make the movie worthy to watch as well.

Perhaps the trailer failed to give the right gist of the movie except showcasing the star value of SRK, hence if you go by trailer alone, it would be difficult for people to catch the movie this coming Diwali. Yet taking the right insight about the movie, you could find certain novel story surfacing through its script, power pack performances by SRK, Boman Irani, Deepika and others can make more hits than the misses. Thus all these factors can make the movie a worthy stuff to catch in the theatres when it is finally released.

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