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Bollywood Changing With The Pace Of Technology

It has been 101 years of Bollywood and since then the Indian Cinema has always changed with the pace of time. It were days when the B Town actors would perform before the hand painted backdrop, while were seen sitting before the obvious stationary cars along with the projected video of the roads at the background. Indeed, things have come a long way when you talk about Indian Cinema. The current technologies and techniques found in this industry has really enhanced the picture quality, added visual and realism effects in the movie. Owing to the great pace of modern day technology, many things are seen being changed a lot. Right from the hand painted backdrops stuff to the computer-generated imagery, things really have changed in Bollywood. Let us check how Bollywood have changed or upgraded itself all these years with the pace of Technology as under:

The visuals

In the early 1930’s the film sets were minimal though they appeared very much extravagant. The set pieces seemed to flimsy, polystyrene like constructions, the windows had views, which were painted over the solid walls or the large sheets of any thick size paper. Despite knowing that things around the set are not simple yet the audience watched the movie seeing other things compensating. In the recent past years, the industry has added new visual effects over the feature releases. However, the question whether the need of stuntmen has completed vanished with the advent of computer generated imagery techniques is a vital thing to ask. In the year 2014, Rajnikanth is seen returning to the bigger screen with more innovation playing titular character but certainly not with any traditional manner. His movie Kochadaiiyaan has employed superior technologies found in 3D motion, which has encapsulated with the main protagonist and Deepika Padukone in this film as his lead female actor.

You can see this movie following the trends of The Polar Express, which is a popular Hollywood movie thus employing the same technology. In the year 2009, the movie Chandni Chowk To China comprised of a scene over the dock in which Akshay Kumar was able to defeat a huge number of assailants, which seemed very much impossible was carried out with the help of technology. Thus with a properly managed wire work, properly timed choreography, small amount of CGI and good focus over the real stunt work the movie was able to fetch the right kind of sense of realism. That’s the power of technology, which see in visual effects in today’s Bollywood movies.

The VFX Effect Magic in Bollywood movies

The VFX is highly competitive technology these days the B town filmmakers has been adopting to make the movie look more real. A majority of these Bollywood movies are seen employing the same technology in order to create some realistic kind of scenes in the movies. The VFX designers are able to add anything in order to make the movies look more realistic. The visual effects simply include the integration of live action footage and generated image in order to create imagery environments that look very much realistic. Most of these scenes are dangerous, impractical and simply impossible to capture live. Hence today you would see a number of action based movies relying on the VFX technologies to get more real kind of effects. For example, if you remember the scene of train appearing near an action taking place in Once upon a time in Mumbai Dobara, you would understand its being made in VFX technology. Similarly, SRK jumping out the Mumbai Local in Ra-One, while Akshay Kumar riding his bike on a steep bridge wall in OMG, etc. simply bears the example of how impractical scenes are added the real effects with it.


The technological advancement simply does not stop with the visuals but even enters in music. As you know in Bollywood, there is a huge importance being added in the style of music along with the instruments being used. Even in the mainstream music now the importance seems to have moved from the traditional and old instruments to the contemporary use of artificial sound simply to make it more western styles. For instance, if you take the example of the song Kabhie Kabhie Mere Dil Mein, it is based purely on the classical instruments and the voice of singer seems to be synching with the artificial sounding instrumentals. Now, let us take the example of the modern day music, it really takes lots of skills and talents to produce something, which can people appreciate. For example in the music of Dhoom 2, in its first song you would hear some of the robust kind of electric guitar laced with any electronic kind sounds. As you see this song opening up you would get to hear loads of synthetic music that really rocks the movie carrying the action packed and hard-hitting tone. However, today you can still find few movies like Barfi (2012), which seems to follow some classical kind of music. The song in the movie called Aashiyan is the classic example of modern piece of music, which carries some amount of semblance of instrument that you may not find in other movies.

Enjoy loads of benefits with few cons as well

Adopting the newer technologies like these simply reduces the risks and so the budget, make the stunts simple and safer, visually you find the movies very much stunning. Relying over the technology of CGI can help in creating larger than life visuals without actually leaving the studio. You can even create any location inside the studios with the same real effects and ideas.

Wrapping up

The advent of certain technologies in graphics and media has simply helped the Bollywood and other industries to make incredible movies adding the realism effects in the movie. With passing time, you see a number of changes being added in graphics and visuals, which are being adapted by the modern day filmmakers in order to enjoy a good quality picture.

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