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Happy Birthday Twinkle Khanna the Funny Bones Turns 42

Happy Birthday Twinkle Khanna
Happy Birthday Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna has her big day as she turns 42 today. So, at the outset, we on the behalf of CineTalkers wish her a very happy and prosperous birthday to the lady known as Funny Bones. The lady is known as Mrs. Funny Bones, which she has given on her own. The lady is witty, sassy and simply hilarious. You may not find her across the camera anymore but that is simply because she is seen busy jotting down articles in her columns and books one after the other.

Not many would know that she is an interior designer so the gorgeous actress turned interior designer soon turned a writer and today has become 42. However, she doesn’t look a day older than 21. She can easily juggle work and family time with all her precision and that is exactly why she is one of ladies in B Town to look up to! Be it the role of an entrepreneur or of a doting mother,

Twinkle pulls all these things off in style with a few lame jokes here and there. While one may consider her to be a great wife, mother and a skilled entrepreneur, one thing fans can’t get enough of her are cheeky yet hilarious tweets. They are mini quotes by it. It’s no news that these very tweets at times have got her into trouble but then she is unabashed about it. Now maybe you might have missed out on some of her best tweets so far so here is a compilation of her funniest and wittiest tweets as a tribute to her awesomeness!

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