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HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEENA GUPTA: 5 best movies by actress that inspired us

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NEENA GUPTA: Veteran actress Neena Gupta has portrayed a variety of complex and difficult characters over the course of her career. Throughout her illustrious career, the critics have complimented her for both her taste in films and her subtle acting. She is typically recognized as a supporting actress, but she has played the lead in a few feature films with social themes. She is to be commended for being able to fully inhabit the parts she portrays and use them to convey a message and a healthy dose of entertainment. We have compiled a list of Neena’s top feature films in the Indian film industry for her birthday special.

1- The Last Color

The Last Color, a groundbreaking film that Vikas Khanna, a famous chef, produced and wrote, broke stereotyped norms and traditions and had a profound influence on society. The film is set in Varanasi, a city known for its rigid Indian culture and dogmatism. A widow who longs to bring color into her life is portrayed by Neena Gupta.

However, widows are expected by society to solely wear white sarees, depriving them of any options for finding new pleasure. In the movie, she befriends a nine-year-old tight rope walker who promises to provide color to her drab life, serving as a metaphor for enjoyment and contentment. The Last Color won the best film prize at the Dallas International Film Festival after receiving favorable reviews for its genuine portrayal of Indian civilization.

2- Bhagavad Gita


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A movie in Sanskrit is called Bhagavad Gita. It is clear from the movie’s title that Shri Krishna preached to Arjuna during the Kurukshetra fight. It investigates the life lessons that Shri Krishna imparted to the populace through his conversation with Arjuna. In the film, Neena plays the part of Draupadi. The best feature film national award was afterward won by it.


For her depiction of an abandoned woman named Geeta Devi in the movie, Neena Gupta was honored with a national award for best actress in a supporting role. In the film, Neena, a widow, is seduced by a man and chooses to stay with him in spite of objections from her family. Her life was peaceful for a while, and she and her husband had a daughter.

4- Sooraj Ka Satvan Ghoda

The 1992 novel-to-film adaptation won the nation’s top film prize. In the film, Manek Mulla, a character, tells his companions about his encounters with three problematic ladies over the course of seven successive afternoons. In the Indian film industry, Sooraj Ka Satvan Ghoda is regarded as a masterpiece of cinema because of its excellent acting and clever narration. All three of the women whose tales are addressed are looking for love. It’s an intriguing film with parts that will surprise you. One of Neena Gupta’s best films, see it as soon as you can.

5- Badhaai Ho

The film Badhaai Ho gave Neena Gupta’s career new life. Although her acting career was in decline, she received widespread praise for her performance as an elderly pregnant woman in the movie. The social comedy film explores the idea of societal taboos. It looks at how quickly some behaviors become stigmatized. At the Star Screen Awards, her touching performance earned her the critics’ choice prize for best actress.

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