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Happy Birthday Huma Quereshi: An actress who slammed patriarchy & proved that being curvy is an asset

Actress Huma Qureshi is not a fan of size zero and being curvy is an asset for her. The actress has always proudly flaunted her curves, sending out a strong message on how women are often forced to conform to a certain type of body shape in showbiz.

In one of her interviews, Huma said, “I have always been very confident being curvy. I think it is all about feeling good and accepting yourself the way you are. There is no such rule that being skinny is the right way to go about it. I have never felt like that. Moreover, no guy has ever come to me and said that I do not look pretty… so there you go,”.

Talking about all the films she has done, till date she has always managed to leave her remark on the audience. And for most of her films, she has not even tried to be one of those slim-figured actresses be it Mohsina from Gangs of Wasseypur or Leila from Netflix dystopian series. And the audience has always loved her because she is comfortable in her own skin without even trying to fit in the box. In this era of fake beauty standards and women constantly judging themselves for not being good enough, the actress has always been vocal about body image issues. And her fashion game is always on point. The actress has donned every look with such grace in spite of being curvy. In her interview with cosmopolitan while speaking about body issues and body confidence, to feel more confident in your skin today, the actress expressed her views.

She said, “I think women are constantly pushed to think about their bodies, and it’s often through a male gaze. I know of so many friends, all gorgeous women, and they have dealt with body image issues, too. And I’m like, “Really, you? What is wrong with you?” Because they are constantly judging themselves by standards that do not exist, and you know that and I know that, and that’s so unhealthy! Today, I feel much more secure. I believe that even if I was five pounds lighter or heavier, I would still be me. And that’s important to remember: that while your body type might change, you will still remain you!”.

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