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Has Haider failed to make big over the Box Office?

Both Shahid Kapoor and Hrithik Roshan have displayed good amount of respect and honour for each other’s movies. Despite their movies hitting the theatres the same day, they kept the flag of decorum, high maintaining dignity, which is expected by any responsible actor of B town. Time and again, when the media posed them questions about their movies releasing the same day, they applauded each other’s movies with positive remark and handled the query with a positive note. Nevertheless, the fact goes above the fallacy, which claims that the business of both the movies have suffered a lot, which brings up to ask the question does Shahid starrer Haider had a good chance of turning out to be a blockbuster unlike Bang Bang, well, let’s find out the answer:

The crunch of screens

As the two movie clashed on the same day, the screen crunch was the evident factor, which went against each other. Though the trade pundits claimed that the screens were divided clearly and equally, yet it went more in the favour of Hrithik’s Bang Bang than Shahid’s Haider. The Bang Bang director was seen claiming the same before the media saying that the release of two big movies on the same day do often end up hampering the business at the Box Office. The fact is if Haider had released with zero or weaker competition, it had the potential of earning big unlike the way Bang Bang has made in few days. However, the stubbornness evident by both the filmmakers about the particular date (2nd October) really made this work out for the films.  Though both the movies got affected yet the loss for Haider was much bigger than it deserved.

Holiday Matters

Such clash of titans is not a new phenomenon in B Town since the same thing was witnessed during the release of Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son of Sardar in Diwali 2012. The clash went to the legal point wherein two filmmakers were seen losing their decorum and dignity giving everything to the competition making it unhealthier. The experts feel that the filmmakers often eye for the holidays, which has now become the ground reality for any release of movies. The urge to release the movies on the holidays has simply gone up these days, while Singham Returns was lucky enough be the solo release on the 15th August. This was however, not the matter earlier, which has of late turned out to be rampant in the industry. The fact of the matter is choosing the same day release for two big movies can affect the mood and fervour of the audience witnessed among the audience. The audience gets divided among the two big movies hitting on the same day. Hence, it is wise to come out with a movie without any clash on any day rather than fighting hard for holidays and then face the heat of the competition.

The counter view

Though many people with wisdom and common sense would vouch for the idea of releasing a solo film on any day rather than eyeing for holidays, yet a movie with tangible script like Haider can surviving in competition despite being released with the other big hit. The fact is Haider is a movie for certain class or segment of audience. Obviously, watching a movie based on Hamlet or Shakespeare, and the one made in crisp Urdu and heavy Kashmiri accent would not be everyone’s cup of tea. Hence, people belonging to the creme de le creme segment of the society’s intelligentsia can only sustain with the palette in which Haider is served. For people whom watching movie is not just any luxury or entertainment, it would certainly not going to equate with good time and popcorn. Haider for them would be always a priority movie to watch. And people who are simply impressed by the gloss and frills of Siddhart Anand’s Bang Bang, they would hardly give a single heed to Haider rather than giving weird names like pseudo, boring and gibberish movie.

Wrapping up

The bottom line therefore is that both Vishal Bhardwaj and Siddharth Anand should stop complaining about the numbers over the Box Office and thus focus more on hitting their own target audiences. The fact is, Haider with low budget has greater chance to get higher and better return on interest than Bang Bang, which happens to be a big budget movie. Hence, even if Bang Bang enters into 200 crore figure, it may be subjected as an average movie, which Haider at the figure of 70 to 80 crores can be called as blockbuster film.

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